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Surplus Items will be listed with close out pricing. All surplus sales are final and are designated by an "S" by the price.  Sale items may be returned subject to approval and may be subject to restock/handling fee. They must also be in orginal packaging, assembled, not installed, used, dropped etc...all freight claims for damage must be made to carrier. We insure every product shipped to a limited amount. All items subject to change w/o notice.

  1. Cummins cylinder head for 8.3L NEW complete 21" intake opening, limited supply  $750.00[S]
  2. Holset VGT turbo's exchange, limited number range
  3. Holset VGT actuators limited number range
  4. BorgWarner Cat Turbo upgrades Stage 1, 2, 3, 4
  5. BorgWarner S60 Detroit upgrades Stage 1, 2
  6. BorgWarner N14 Cummins upgrades Stage 1, 2
  7. Kitmaster/Horton Drivemaster kit 14-256 $330.00
  8. Kitmaster/Horton  2 speed 24-256 kit            $625.00